Social events

We are kindly invite you to take part in the following events. Participation is included in the registration fee of all registered  participants.

  • Welcome reception

    Sunday, 18 September 2016

The organizers greet the attendees of JEDI 2016 with a welcome reception. The aim of this event is to get known each other, greet old friends and get some new.

  • Knights’ Tournament & Dinner at the Renaissance restaurant

    Monday, 19 September 2016

After two days filled with science, presentations, discussions and networking we will celebrate our guests and the conference with a congress dinner.

A medieval programme performed by the Saint George Knight Order in the open air theatre of the Lower Castle in Visegrád. At the end of the show, guests have the opportunity to try some of the weapons with the help of the knights. The tournament is followed by a royal feast at the Renaissance Restaurant.

Renaissance Restaurant was opened in 1997 as a family owned establishment. It brings back the unique atmoshpere of the renaissance royal feasts held in the Royal Palace of Visegrád by King Mátyás. Meal are served in hand-made crockery by waiters in costumes. Their cuisine combines the flavors of the age with the characteristics of modern gastronomy. They try to support local suppliers and purchase the ingredients from our region whenever possible. The restaurant has a terrace with a panoramic view of the Danube.

  • A walk in the Royal Palace & Dinner at the “Palotaház”

    Tuesday, 20 September 2016

    We cordially invite you to visit the illustrious, beautifully reconstructed Royal Palace of Visegrád with professional guiding. Visiting the renovated inner court of the palace and its unique exhibition rooms offer attending guests an unmatched experience. Guests entering the palace are greeted by fanfare players.

You are invited to a special evening tour at the reconstructed, floodlit Royal Palace of Visegrád.

  • Brief explanation of the historical monuments located in the Palace, e.g. Hercules Fountain.
  • Entry to the inner court of the palace, where guests are served hot wine, freshly baked salted cookies, or freshly roasted chestnuts.
  • The history of the Palace is told to the guests by the guide in English language, followed by the visit of the exhibition rooms and the loggia looking over to the Danube.

After the tour we will celebrate our guests with a dinner at the “Palotaház”:

The courtyard of our building features presentation of medieval crafts. Professional masters are working in the shops showing the crafts in practice, inviting the guests to participate. Workshops on the courtyard include stonemasonry, smithery, pottery and paper making. Palotaház offers a restaurant on two floors with unique interior and an open kitchen. Our menu includes traditional Hungarian dishes, grilled meats, flatbreads and home-made desserts.